We received a few updates from Kenya! Kit (Kathrine) and Miki (Miquel) have engaged some locals to help clean-up the site before they start laying out the plans for the two classrooms. Things have become much clearer after they arrived on-site. We are now going to use coral stone blocks, a locally sourced material. This change resulted in a few tweaks to our details. First is how to cast the columns/load-bearing element that sit under the trusses. We did a quick brainstorming of this, back in Oslo. Landing on a simple solution – two boards on each side, held by cables that pass through the cavity before filling with concrete.

After a consultation with a local builder, we have concluded that the foundation we were planning was an overkill, and not suitable for the Kenyan climate. Originally we wanted to cast a concrete base, on top of gravel, and have a drainage run along the outside of the retaining walls.

Though, after the conversation with the local we use only gravel as a base, and put whatever we build with (coral stone) directly on this layer – if water accumulates it basically drains through the gravel into the ground. Hopefully this keeps the building dry during heavy rain – can’t argue with locals!

Meanwhile all of this has been going on Mina and Seppe went to do some fieldwork on the SALT site to double-check some critical heights.

We are officially working as an intercontinental office now, Kit and Miki in Kenya, the rest in Oslo – quite amazing!