After 24 hours of travelling, and a Sundays rest – today started the real work. If you ever thought getting up at 7 or 8 was hard, try getting up at 5.15, and then be ready to leave for work at 6.15 only to be scorched by the sun for 10 hours and commanded around by Kit for that amount of time (just kidding Kit, we love you)!

Of course we had breaks in our improvised shelter and Kit had other stuff to take care of during the day, but holy mother of god, the sun, without a breeze, and 90%+ humidity, that gets you to rethink your decision when you were choosing what to do for a semester!

Buuuuut! When you think of what you are here for, it is worth every single drop of sweat, bruise, sunburn or what ever you manage to get through the day. Building classrooms for people in need and offering them a place to catch on with the rest of the world, well that makes all the pain and effort worth it!

Also not to mention, the people here – great people!



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