Colonization of Eco-Moyo

Today was by far the coolest day we have experienced in Kenya yet, but we have only been here for 3 so, that’s great! The day went to making reinforcement bars for the columns, laying out the first and second courses of coral stone. During this process some alliances were formed, we have Kit and Seppe forming the “team Mortar”, Laura and Bianca with the killer name of “Worm Killers” – they executed several worms during the laying of their coral stones. Lena and Mina initially called them selves “team coraltechtcs” only later realizing that they wanted to be “team Immortar” after hearing that we had a mortal team. Finally Bao and Kevin forming the very unoriginal “team Asia”.

In the evening, after returning to Distant relatives, we went down to the beach, and experienced bio-luminescent algae, and a beautiful sunset!


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