It is very important to highlight the people that work beyond imagination. Today, and probably the next few weeks, everyone will (this heat is a killer). We are going to put our buckets of pain, mortar and concrete into this building, nail trusses like we have never done before, but it seems that for every bucket we put in, Jumaa – our locally hired construction worker, will put two, or even three. This man is an ex machina, making very few Kenyan shillings, staying overly positive, and nice to everyone, and communicating between us (the studio) and his local buddies, that he helps to keep employed.

Thanks to Jumaas’ and his friends hard work – we ran out of coral stones today, the trenches for the foundations were adjusted to the new plan, and we got a new delivery of (hopefully) 1000 coral blocks. This will last for about 3-4 new courses.

Yesterday we tried to split the corals blocks with axes (to get “half blocks”). Today we tried a new technique with powertools, but it turned out not to be as efficient as our imagination had hoped for.

For tomorrow we trust in Jumaa and his friends, asante sana!

As written before everyone is putting in every bit of pain into these two buildings, some of us are overly competitive and want to work even though they should stay in the shade and others to make a few Kenyan shillings, Jumaa is one of these workers that seem to love what he does, and will push himself beyond


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