We stumbled upon a few hickups today. First thing we had problems with was with the van we are borrowing from Lindsey. The door for the past two days won’t close, so we have been riding with an open door. Secondly we ran out of cement later in the morning, so people were set to do other tasks meanwhile – like moving “kifusi” – which is a material from demolished or destroyed buildings (dust/rubble), used in our case as a base layer for the two slabs inside the classrooms.

While all of this was happening on-site, Kevin went to the timberyard only to return around lunch with a few “new” materials for our project – wood and some steel reinforcement. He also filled up the “macho” (a vehicle used for transporting building materials) with more bags of cement. The which he got will be used as formwork for the pillars and the lintels which we are going to cast at later.

Though the stalls today we managed to get more than expected done, the van was fixed – Lee took it to a mechanic, we advanced as we have to on more walls, and now we are waiting for dinner to be cooked by Kit and Kev!



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